Getting to/from the SUW

The guide below was correct when written in July 2018 and may not be accurate now, please check before planning.

If you live further away than Glasgow, getting to Portpartick can feel a long journey and you're unlikely to get to Portpatrick and start your SUW on the same day unless you are just intending to walk to either Stranraer or to Castle Kennedy and having a short first day. On the other hand, it's easier getting to or from Cockburnspath than Portpatrick which gives you a chance of finishing the SUW and getting home the same day. I think most people would rather do the long journey at the beginning rather than the end when they just want to get home.

Starting from Portpatrick

Getting there by Train

If you are traveling to Portpatrick from mainland Britain, the easiest way is to get yourself by train to Glasgow Central which is on the main West Coast line although some East Coast services will head through Doncaster, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh etc. and finish at Glasgow Central without you having to change train. Once you get to Glasgow Central, you will then need to get a train to Ayr and then a train to Stranraer. Once in Stranraer you need to walk into the town and as you get there, turn right at a roundabout to a bus stop just before a bus garage, here you will get a bus taking you the short distance to Portpatrick.

There is also the option of getting a train to Carlisle then Dumfries and then getting a bus to Stranraer if this is easier for you.

Getting there by Bus

From Stranraer to Portpatrick is a local bus but getting to Stranraer by bus can be a long one. There is a direct National Express bus from London Victoria during the night picking up from places like Luton, Birmingham, Manchester and Preston along the way.

There are also bus services from Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow to Stranraer as well as towns inbetween.

Getting there by Air

If you are flying into Britain, you could fly to Luton or Manchester and then get the National Express bus to Stranraer during the night from there.

Flying into Glasgow Airport, you then get a bus into the City Centre before getting the train onwards from Glasgow Central (see the By Train section above) or a bus from Buchanan bus station in Glasgow city centre to Stranraer.

Flying into Glasgow Prestwick Airport is nearer to Stranraer and then involves a train to Ayr then Stranraer but not as many flights now go into Prestwick.

Starting from Cockburnspath

Cockburnspath will probably be easier for you to get to than Portpatrick and this means that if you finish the SUW here, you will be able to start your journey home sooner rather than getting multiple trains and busses like you could at Portpatrick and maybe get home that night.

Getting there by Train

To get to Cockburnspath, the nearest main Railway Station is Berwick on the East Coast line. A bus route from Berwick to Edinburgh ( Border Busses number 253 ) picks up from the station and will drop you off in Cockburnspath very near to the start of the SUW.

There are other train routes from England going into Berwick including a direct one from Birmingham that picks up in cities along the way e.g. Sheffield, Leeds and York.

Getting there by Bus

There is a bus services between Edinburgh and Berwick which stops at Cockburnspath ( Border Busses number 253 ) and Edinburgh is well served by busses from all over Britain.

Getting there by Air

The nearest Airport to Cockburnspath will be Edinburgh, then a bus into the city centre from there before getting the bus into Cockburnspath.