Not as scenic as before but not that bad

After the 29 miles the day before, todays 11 miles would seem like a half day, a gentle stroll. Many websites. blogs and guide books will tell you that the walk between Angle and Pembroke isn't very nice, some even say to avoid it and get the bus unless you really want to complete the FULL Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Ok, it's not exactly as scenic as the previous couple of days or the days ahead but it's still a decent enough walk with a bit of variety, not as boring as some would make out.

Angle Bay at High Tide. At Low Tide there is a path across here

Angle Bay at High Tide. At Low Tide there is a path across here.

There was no hurry to leave today so I didn't leave Angle until about 9:30 after a nice breakfast and chat with the owners of the Bed and Breakfast. It would be yet another windy day today, mainly from my left over the bay and this would slow me down at times during the day. The noise of the wind and the coldness of it meant the waterproof jacket and hat would be on for most of the days walk. The days walk started off along a road out of Angle, it was high tide and the short cut path over the bay was under water, the waymarker pointing you straight into the sea.

Looking over the water towards Angle

Looking over the water towards Angle

Once I got off the road, the next section was a short muddy section and then along the edges of fields which were dry when I did the walk but I imagine the going would be slow when they were muddy. This small section probably being the muddiest on the whole Pembrokeshire Coast Path but still able to avoid it with care and still have dry walking shoes. After walking through fields, I then had a bit or road walking but with nice views over the Estuary towards Milford Haven and seeing numerous ships docked beside the jetties, no coastal views and interesting rock formations to be seen today. Eventually you leave the road and it's a mix of fields and paths through woods and the occasional bit of tarmac. The noise of the wind was loud but you could still hear the noise coming from the surrounding industry.

Shipping in the busy Milford Estuary

Shipping in the busy Milford Estuary

It was back on road again for nearly a mile but no traffic was on it, then I turned left towards a farm walking downhill into the full force of the wind, the jacket and hat went back on and I was glad to get into some woods. It wasn't long before I got through these woods and into Monkton, which is on the outskirts of Pembroke and a little pavement walking and you are soon in the town centre and trying to locate your accommodation if you're staying in Pembroke.

A Bluebell lined path heading towards Pembroke

A Bluebell lined path through woodland heading towards Pembroke

In hindsight, I probably should have stayed the night in Pembroke Dock which is maybe another 3 miles away so I'd have less to walk the next day as I only walked just under 12 miles today. My Hotel for thenight in Pembroke was on the Main Street, it wasn't exactly the Ritz but it was half the price that I paid in Angle and was good enough for me, I wasn't complaining about the decor being dated, I was happy to have a comfy bed to sleep on and happy that Pembroke has a few shops and takeaways so that was my tea sorted. As I ate my Pizza, I concluded that todays walk wasn't as bad or boring as some people make it out to be. Ok, it's not scenic coastline with huge cliffs, it's just a little different compared to other days on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. I knew the next day would be more of the same for a while then back to coastal scenery after Milford Haven, I was hoping the wind would die down or that I would be a bit more sheltered than I had been today.

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