Would I walk the Cotswold Way again?

The question people ask me is.....would I do it again? To be honest, I have done nicer walks and would prefer to do them again but I'd still be happy to walk the Cotswold Way again and you will enjoy it, hopefully not in the middle of a heatwave though. It passes through many nice towns and villages with their interesting expensive houses, churches and monuments and also the walk takes you up high enough on ridges to admire the views all around you as you walk briskly along.

The Cotswold Way, although not as physically challenging as most of the National Trails that I had done before still had plenty of steep climbs along it's path to work up a sweat. There are many sections through woodland which can give you shade in hot weather and also a bit of shelter when it rains but I found on some days there was a bit too much woodland walking and that meant very little views.

One thing I noticed was that there were a few times where you could easily take a short cut if you wanted. There were times when the route would meander through trees, moorland or even a golf course and a look at the map would tell you that you could take a shorter path and miss out a mile or so. The route round the golf course near North Nibley to me was just a waste of time and energy, walking about 3 miles when there was a path instead across the course and not very long. I guess if you want to follow the complete trail, you have to go the golf course but if I did the Cotswold Way again, I would miss it out.

As I travelled home, I was glad that I had returned to complete the Cotswold Way and in all probability won't return as there are so many different walks in my Bucket List which keeps getting bigger so if I get the time off, I shall probably do a new walk and not the Cotswold Way.

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