Where to find accommodation

My accommodation for most of the South Downs Way

My accommodation for most of the South Downs Way

The list below were all open in April 2017. For up to date information about accommodation, go to the National Trails website and the South Downs Way section, you can download a leaflet giving you information where to stay along the route. The National Trails website lists many more but their list is 4 years old and some campsites no longer exist.

I arrived in Winchester at lunchtime and decided to have a short first day and walk to the first campsite, below are the campsites that I used and the distances along the South Downs Way. After Alfriston, there are about 11 miles left to walk, you can be finished by lunch time in Eastbourne.

Campsites I stayed at on the South Downs

Holden Farm campsite (7 miles and on the Way)

Sustainability centre (19 miles and on the Way)

Graffham campsite (39 miles and 2 miles off the Way)

Washington campsite (55 miles and 1 mile off the Way)

Southdown campsite (Keymer) (70 miles and 1 mile off the Way)

Alfriston campsite (90 miles and on the Way)

Hostels on the South Downs Way

Sustainability Centre Hostel (19 miles)

Truleigh Hill YHA (approx 63 miles)

South Downs YHA, just after Southease Railway Station (approx 83 miles)

Eastbourne YHA (101 miles)

Hotels, Pubs and Bed and breakfasts

The South Downs Way only goes through a few villages on route so you will have to divert of the Way to find accommodation most days, a Google search should help you find somewhere to stay. Some of the larger villages where you will find accommodation are listed below, some may be 2 miles off the Way. These are listed in order from West to East.

Winchester, Exton, East Meon, Buriton, South Harting, Cocking, Graffham, Amberley, Washington, Steyning, Upper Beeding, Pyecombe, Keymer, Hassocks, Ditchling, Kingston Near Lewes, Lewes, Alfriston, Eastbourne.

Train Stations along the South Downs Way

There are train stations located at Petersfield (28 miles), Amberley (48 miles), Hassocks (70 miles), Lewes (76 miles) and Southease (83 miles) which may be useful to find accommodation further away and then travel back the next again morning to rejoin the Way.