GGW Accommodation

Where you plan to stay the nights on this walk really depends on how many days you intend taking to walk it and how many people you are walking with. It might work out cheaper getting a twin room in a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast than a couple of beds in a Hostel if there are two of you. I did the walk in four days and stayed in Hostels along the way, which kept the cost down as I was walking on my own. There are many spots to do a bit of wild camping too along the Lochs but it is not allowed beside the Canals. This information was correct in February 2018 but could have changed by the time you read this.

Fort William

Fort William is a town full of Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels but they are extremely busy as Fort William is a hub for walkers all during the year with so many hills and walks nearby plus cyclists as well as normal tourists. When I did my walk I stayed at the Fort William Backpackers Hostel so I could get an early start the next day. If you stay at a hostel, don't expect luxuries and remember to take some ear plugs as you are sleeping in the same room as possible up to 10 other people, many of whom will snore. The Hostel had a mixture of nationalities staying there and it was interesting to hear what everyone was in town for. A few had just finished the West Highland Way, some were there to do some local climbing e.g. Ben Nevis and a few were doing the Great Glen Way, I would see some of these people every day along the walk.

Gairlochy / Spean Bridge

There is only one Bed and Breakfast in Gairlochy (Dalcomera) which is near the path but many people choose to stay in Spean Bridge which is a couple of miles off the path but offers three guesthouses.

South Laggan

There are a couple of Bed and Breakfasts here but I stayed at the Great Glen Hostel, it is just a small walk away from the main path along a busy road. I have to say that I really enjoyed my stay here, it wasn't like the other hostels that I has stayed in before. It has a well stocked shop in it and plenty room in the kitchen if you choose to cook a meal, plus it has a drying room and a large dining area and lounge. I have stayed there twice and it has not been busy but that's possibly because South Laggan is in the middle of nowhere. This Hostel can be booked online but is closed during the winter months.

Fort Augustus

Fort Augustus has a few Bed and Breakfasts but I stayed at a Hostel called Morags Lodge. I enjoyed my stay here and have stayed in it again. It was cheap and was booked online, the staff were very friendly and the dorms I have stayed in only had 4 beds in them so it was a lot better than having 8 or 10 people in them, the rooms were en-suite and each bed had a socket for charging up your electronic devices and also a light, so you didn't need to put the big light on when people were trying to sleep. The Great Glen Way passes right outside the driveway and breakfast can be bought.


Invermoriston is about seven miles after Fort Augustus and is home to a Bed and Breakfast and the Glenmoriston Arms Hotel. Not many people choose to end their days walk here as it's rather expensive. A few miles further on is an Independant Hostel at Altsigh (The old Youth Hostel) which is on the Lower Route option after Invermoriston which will offer you a bed at a far cheaper price and is on the Great Glen Way.


Drumnadrochit has many Bed and Breakfasts and a couple of Hotels. I have stayed in the Drumnadrochit Hotel which was nice but was also 3 times more expensive than "The Loch Ness Backpackers" Hostel. In the Summer I have found the Hostel to be busy with very little space in the dorms but it's cheap. There is also another Hostel further into the village called the 1 Loch Ness Hostel offering single rooms as well as normal rooms and rooms with bunk beds if there's a group of people.


You have a wide range of accommodation to choose between here, from Hostels to big posh Hotels depending on your budget. If you have just finished the walk, why not treat yourself to a half decent hotel and a room to yourself instead of sharing in a hostel? There are Travelodges and Premier Inn Hotels in the city and you can often get a room in one of them in their sales for almost the same price as a Hostel. I stayed in a Premier Inn overlooking the river and enjoyed a lovely shower before resting my weary limbs in the king size bed and having an enjoyable sleep before heading home in the morning, refreshed. If you are doing the walk starting from Inverness, this might be your last night in a room of your own so relax, or enjoy the city.

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